Post Industrialist Free Market Society (Part VIII) – The Technodem, the Base of Mechanical Majority rule government

The National Data and Correspondence Framework: The Technodem

The Technodem is a term gotten from “mechanical vote based system.” It is a one of a kind across the country system of electronic correspondence and data framework including however not confined to the accompanying capacities:

  1. Encapsulates a site from every single open office, national, local and nearby, all generation firms and all other private associations, for example, those worried about human services or training, and all people inside the general public. It likewise incorporates any individual site set by residents for open advantage, for example, authors, doctors, nourishment specialists.
  2. Data from top down: Every single legislative law, guidelines and guidelines are presented on be utilized and pursued by influenced and concerned substances or people. For instance, the national position arrangement gauges endorsed by the administration, to be utilized as a guide by all utilizing organizations; training models for all degrees of training to be trailed by all instruction establishments just as understudies; instructive guidance materials and bearings at all levels especially for the laborers who need to satisfy twelve credit-hour of required training every year.
  3. Data from base upward: All generation and different firms must nourish into their site all data with respect to their position order, their activity, monetary status and the idea of their items. This makes the Technodem fit for checking their working models against the national guidelines in business, money related activity, nature of generation, etc and instruct for adjustment regarding inadequacies assuming any. It likewise gives definite data to the administration in planning measurements and other data about the condition of economy and other social and financial conditions.
  4. Serving singular resident in an assortment of ways, for example, searching for a superior activity, a solid lifestyle, the best purchases concerning required merchandise or administrations, and “how to do” of numerous individual needs around the house or at work environment. It likewise offers every one of the administrations by and by accessible through the web framework however in a further developed and extended way.

The Technodem is a self-serving self-sufficient electronic data correspondence framework comprising of neighborhood, region, territorial and national server farms. Close to being an activity instrument of the administration, business and other assistance associations, it is additionally open for open and individual use. In light of the idea of equity of chance, nothing is stayed quiet from the general population. Each individual approaches every one of its substance including the administration and corporate records, and can utilize the data it contains for individual advantage or illumination. As referenced previously, it is one of the three fundamental segments of the mechanical popular government without which such majority rule government can’t be emerged. Nobody meddles in its activity. The data streams all over as it is bolstered into it. It is equipped for separating and erasing data not valuable or a bit much for the activity of society or people such as, explicit materials or illegal articulations nourished in by people. It is kept up, fixed and overhauled by a gathering of authorities in spite of the way that it can revise and fix itself without outside assistance as a rule. Anything amiss with it will quickly go to those in charge of its support for prompt activity. All the innovation essential for the development and activity of the Technodem is by and by accessible.

Administrations Accessible Through the Technodem

It is for all intents and purposes difficult to identify the administrations accessible through the Technodem or attempt to depict its indispensable commitment to each part of every day life, individual and institutional advancement, and above all to law based activity of the entire cultural framework whether political, financial, social or social, all dependent on the guideline of balance of chance. Here, are only a couple of models.

Instructive administrations

Every single family approaches enormous wellsprings of instructive data and projects from the preschool as far as possible up to the most significant level. A large number of courses are offered with complete and clear guidance, required schoolwork, test and reviewing with no plausibility of maltreatment.

While contemplating, understudy can pose inquiries and get clarifications. Every single instructive material are set up by collaboration of the top notch researchers skilled in the field and nourished into the framework. At a more significant level of learning, various ways of thinking in a field are accessible for correlation and examination. This will especially be valid in the territories of sociologies and humanities, the previous being and remaining the most intricate and progressively significant all things considered. Understudy may enlist for a degree program or may simply prefer to take certain courses to build his insight in certain regions of his advantage.

Assessment for each course is helped out and evaluated through the PC, recorded in understudy’s scholastic record put away in the Technodem. It is coded and open just to the understudy. It could be gotten to by others just by consent from the person through an impermanent unraveling process by the utilization of the person’s electronic ID (EID) card. The Technodem upsets the all out instructive procedure. To start with, it makes to every individual consistently refreshed instructive data at each degree of learning or control twenty-four hours per day. In this way, the understudy picks his every day study hours as he wishes and the way increasingly helpful for him. Second, the present study hall training and guidance winds up out of date and continuously disposed of especially in the light of a lot higher caliber and ceaselessly refreshed courses being accessible through the Technodem. The lab work, either for study or research is helped out through the PC by utilizing the most recent accessible offices. Exploratory investigation or research work is as yet helped out through the conventional research or instructive establishments. Third, rather than study hall instructs, new instructive establishments training researchers are made mindful to get ready courses in each branch of knowledge and at various levels inside that branch of knowledge and feed them into the Technodem making them accessible to the understudies just as general society.

Fourth, for the preschool and the primary phase of general training up to the eight evaluation, physical establishments and teachers are utilized. Be that as it may, it is intensely enhanced by PC instruction through the Technodem especially in doing schoolwork and looking for study help. Fifth, the framework fills in as a tremendous library with undeniably progressively thorough administrations and effectively open data. This is a glorious fair instructive framework, giving equivalent chance to all that never existed, and now, reachable just using an exceptionally progressed electronic data and correspondence framework, for example, the Technodem.

Therapeutic Administrations

A broad information bank in regards to therapeutic data, including preventive medication, wellbeing and diet care, are given while being ceaselessly refreshed by medicinal teams, each comprising of specialists in a particular territory of restorative learning. All are made accessible to every person through the home terminal. The Technodem fills in as an ever-prepared medicinal guide that keeps the individual aware of his wellbeing condition and furnishes him with direction in dealing with his wellbeing. The plausibility of numerous diseases is found by the guide from the Technodem without reference to a therapeutic master, actuating the person to counsel a specialist. The PC likewise examines all medications and frameworks their useful just as reactions. The equivalent applies to the staple. The PC likewise gives a rundown of doctors in the region, with their strengths. After discussion with the PC on the off chance that it sees the probability of a disease, the individual at that point gets a duplicate of the PC investigation from the printer of his PC and take it with him to the doctor. The Technodem is explicitly valuable on account of kids, the older, and the individuals who avoid seeing a specialist or are hesitant to focus or reveal their physical diseases.

Legitimate Administrations

A large portion of administrations rendered by lawyers are accessible to every person through the Technodem, for example, data and critiques about the laws, court choices, regulatory principles and guidelines; authoritative documents required by an individual, for example, a rent structure, a sworn statement, a monetary advance, a corporate contract, and a huge number of different structures, with suitable data about finishing each structure and systems to be pursued. It has likewise a rundown of lawyers inside the region with their claims to fame. Whenever got some information about a specific unlawful act, the PC will disclose the laws applied to the circumstance, including every single legitimate point of reference. It will likewise propose the means to be taken to determine the issue which may incorporate seeing a lawyer. The Technodem is utilized widely by legal advisors, indicting lawyers, judges and other legal authorities and lawful researchers in settling explicit cases, discovering answers to explicit lawful inquiry, PC investigation of recommended lawful issues just as legitimate research.

Item administrations and Market Data

In mechanical majority rules system, the Technodem will be the chief apparatus of showcasing, looking and purchasing merchandise and ventures. One needs to focus on understanding the effortlessness of profoundly complex procedures of advertising and dissemination effectuated through the Technodem.


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